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Serene Dawn Yoga

Start Where You Are.

Serene Dawn Yoga is a virtual yoga studio and community; a place where you can start your yoga journey from wherever you are today. Serene Dawn Yoga offers virtual classes, coaching, learning, motivation, connection, and guidance for your personal yoga practice. Yoga is much more than a physical practice. Each person's yogic path is different, and Serene Dawn Yoga is here to help you to define your unique needs and reach your personal goals along the way. We hope to do so while having fun, laughing, and growing. Yoga practice is just as much about personal growth as it is about physical and mental health - when the mind and body align in purpose and presence, something special seems to happen. There is power in turning inward, listening to our senses, and sitting with our thoughts. Find the edge of your comfort zone and sit there. This is where growing happens and letting go begins.
Welcome to Serene Dawn Yoga. Thanks for just being here.


Serene Dawn Yoga

Let's find a way forward from right here. We can start from where we are now. We can stop searching for where we want to be, should be, or could be, and we start to turn inward. We can listen. Hear. Learn. Grow. Breathe. Laugh. Move. Live. Be. Yoga practice offers something for everyone. We're all students here and each day offers a new opportunity to expand ourselves. Make space. Breathe Deeply. Begin when you are ready. Yoga is in each moment. Feel it and embrace it.

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Read our article in Canadian Yogi Magazine!

Original writing by Samantha of Serene Dawn Yoga was recently featured in Canadian Yogi Magazine 2020 Spring-Fall edition. As a member of both the Canadian Yoga Alliance and Yoga Alliance International, Samantha values the opportunity to contribute and communicate within these yoga communities and looks forward to discussing her passion with you as well. You can enjoy the audio version of this article, read by Samantha, as well as various other original music by Silk Robes (Samantha) by using the music player below.