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Motivation, Guidance, and Connection

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Yin Yoga: Slow Flow

Sink slowly into each pose and breathe deeply

Yin yoga is an asana (physical posture) practice that focuses on finding your personal edge or maximum depth of a pose while maintaining safety and comfort. We sit with this edge, find stillness, and breathe deeply while softening into the posture. Meditative breathing, patience, and body awareness are some of the highlights of this regularly occurring session.

Vinyasa Yoga

Connect breath and movement while flowing through postures

Vinyasa yoga is an asana practice that focuses on breath and body awareness. Strength, balance, perseverance, resilience, and surrender may be found in this class of dynamic movement, with many ups and downs. Connecting to your ujjayi (victorious) breath will help you to stay focused and work through an intense vinyasa yoga series with ease. Mind-body awareness, breath-movement connection, and moderately challenging postures are some of the highlights of this regularly occurring session.

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Private Yoga Sessions

Learn at your own pace and on your own time

Whether you are a total beginner or a long time practitioner, a private yoga session is right for you. Enjoy the privacy and comfort of one-on-one yoga instruction, coaching, and personalized sequences made to suit your individual needs. Feedback, question-and-answer, suggestions for adjustments, and more, all personalized to meet your goals. Maybe you want to learn meditation, or take in a slow and relaxing yoga session; or maybe your goals include more vigorous classes that push you to your limits mentally and physically. Whatever it is, Serene Dawn Yoga has you covered. We're here to support and encourage you through the practice of yoga, both on and off the mat.

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